Can I add Honey and Fruits to Kefir?

  • Putting juice/honey in your kefir (and drinking it right away) would be the same as when I add honey to my coffee (along with cream) or when others sweeten tea; it’s an indulgence, but it doesn’t negate the benefits.
  • I brew my water kefir twice; I add about 1/3 c fruit juice to a cup of “fresh” water or milk kefir, bottle it and leave it on the counter for another day. The next day I put the bottle in the fridge and, once chilled, I have a fizzy fruit soda and the juice has been consumed by the probiotic bugs. With that method, the juice provides flavor but isn’t a sweetener.
  • Honey in its pure state has antibiotic properties. Stirring honey into water kefir might kill some of the “good bugs” although once mixed I don’t think the honey would kill any more.
  • I don’t agree that fruit and yogurt/kefir is a problem together; the fruit would be food for the good bugs. However, the longer the water  milk kefir spends in your stomach the more of the good bugs get killed by the high-acid environment so the goal is for probiotics to move through quickly. Ideally, eat/drink the probiotic on an empty stomach and have the fruit a little later. In fact, I usually have yogurt and kefir on alternating days so each has a clear field in my gut.

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